Russian Criminal Tattoo T-Shirt. Title: The Significance of Russian Criminal Tattoos: Madonna Crying Blood and the Eight-Point Star

Introduction: Russian criminal tattoos are a unique form of expression within the underworld, with each design holding specific meanings and affiliations. Among the vast array of tattoo symbols, the Madonna crying blood and the eight-point star are two of the most significant and intriguing designs. This article explores the hidden meanings and cultural context behind these tattoos within the Russian criminal world.

  1. Madonna Crying Blood: The Madonna crying blood tattoo holds deep religious symbolism and is a powerful emblem of suffering and devotion. In Russian prisons, where tattooing has been a long-standing tradition, the Madonna crying blood often represents a prisoner's longing for redemption and hope amid the harsh realities of confinement. It also conveys a sense of mourning for past sins and a plea for forgiveness.

  2. Eight-Point Star: The eight-point star is another highly meaningful tattoo within the Russian criminal subculture. Referred to as the "vorspak," it symbolizes a criminal's authority and rank within the thieves in law (vory v zakone). Each point of the star signifies a different aspect of the thief's code, including honor, respect, and loyalty. The eight-point star is a powerful emblem of recognition among fellow criminals, signifying the bearer's status as a revered and respected figure.

  3. Criminal Hierarchy: In the rigid hierarchy of Russian criminal organizations, tattoos play a crucial role in identifying the status and achievements of a criminal. The specific placement and design of the tattoo can indicate the bearer's rank and criminal history. The Madonna crying blood and the eight-point star are often reserved for those who have proven their loyalty and adherence to the criminal code.

  4. Cultural Context: The rich cultural history of Russia has greatly influenced the symbolism of these tattoos. The deep-rooted religious beliefs, combined with the unique criminal subculture, have given rise to tattoos that carry both spiritual and criminal significance. The Madonna crying blood reflects the Russian Orthodox tradition of venerating the Virgin Mary, while the eight-point star draws inspiration from ancient Slavic symbols.

  5. Societal Impact: Russian criminal tattoos have transcended prison walls and gained popularity in broader society. Today, many people wear these tattoos without understanding their original significance, leading to misconceptions and cultural appropriation. It is essential to respect the historical and cultural importance of these symbols and avoid appropriating them without understanding their context.


The Madonna crying blood and the eight-point star are powerful and deeply symbolic tattoos within the Russian criminal world. These tattoos represent a blend of religious devotion, criminal authority, and cultural heritage. Understanding the significance of these tattoos sheds light on the complex and fascinating subculture of Russian criminal organizations. As we explore the world of tattoos, let us remember to approach them with respect and appreciation for their rich cultural context.

The Russian criminal underworld is a secretive and complex network of organized crime that has a long history dating back to the tsarist era. Over the years, it has evolved and adapted, becoming a powerful and influential force within Russian society. This underground world is known for its strict codes of conduct, intricate hierarchies, and notorious criminal activities. Here are some key aspects of the Russian criminal underworld:

  1. Origins and Evolution: The roots of the Russian criminal underworld can be traced back to the early 18th century when organized criminal groups, known as "thieves in law" or "vory v zakone," emerged in the prison system. These groups later expanded into the broader society, becoming involved in various illegal activities, including racketeering, extortion, drug trafficking, and money laundering.

  2. Criminal Hierarchy: The Russian criminal underworld operates under a strict hierarchical structure. At the top are the "vory v zakone," who are considered the elite criminals and are highly respected within the criminal community. Beneath them are various criminal gangs, each with its own territories and criminal specialties. Loyalty and adherence to the criminal code are crucial for advancement within the hierarchy.

  3. Code of Conduct: The criminal code, known as "thieves' law" or "vorovskoy zakon," is a set of unwritten rules and customs that govern the behavior of criminals. It includes principles of loyalty, honor, and respect among members, as well as strict punishments for those who betray the code.

  4. Extortion and Corruption: The Russian criminal underworld is notorious for its involvement in extortion and corruption. Criminal groups often establish control over businesses, politicians, and law enforcement officials, using their influence to further their criminal enterprises.

  5. Tattoos and Symbols: Russian criminal tattoos play a significant role in identifying and categorizing members within the criminal hierarchy. Tattoos often depict various symbols and images that represent a criminal's rank, achievements, and allegiances. Each tattoo carries specific meanings that are recognizable within the criminal community.

  6. International Reach: The Russian criminal underworld has expanded its operations beyond Russian borders, establishing connections with criminal organizations worldwide. This international reach enables them to engage in global criminal activities, including drug trafficking, human trafficking, and cybercrime.

  7. Ongoing Challenges: The Russian government has been engaged in an ongoing battle to combat organized crime. Despite numerous efforts to dismantle criminal networks, corruption and political interference have at times hindered these efforts.

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