Russian Mafia

Russian Hand Prison Tattoo
Thief In Law Daggers
Tarot Card T-Shirt
Medusa reign supreme T-Shirt
Thief In Law

Thief In Law


Criminal Tattoo Tears of Blood
Thief In Law Church Tattoo
Russian Mafia 8 Point Star
Hookers and Cocaine T-Shirt
Criminal Tattoo Christ on Cross
Russian as Fck
Thief In Law Pistol
Thief In Law Rifle
Russian Mafia Tattoo Hands
Thieves In Law Reign Supreme
Thief In Law Hitman

Introducing our captivating Russian Prison Tattoo streetwear collection, brought to you by our renowned streetwear brand. Designed specifically for men seeking a unique blend of vintage and urban style, these shirts pay homage to the rich history of Russian prison tattoos. Each design tells a story, reflecting the underground culture and the infamous "thieves in law" who wore them.  Rooted in the harsh realities of the Soviet Union's prison system, these tattoos served as a symbol of status, hierarchy, and personal accomplishments. The intricate motifs conveyed hidden messages, showcasing one's criminal expertise, loyalty, and resilience. From the spiderweb denoting time served to the stars representing authority, each tattoo held significant meaning within the closed world of Russian prisons.  Embrace the enigmatic allure of these tattoos with our meticulously crafted streetwear clothing. Channel the strength and resilience of those who wore them while adding a touch of vintage charm to your wardrobe. Our Russian Prison Tattoo collection is the epitome of streetwear fashion, merging history, style, and individuality into each design. Stand out from the crowd and make a statement with our exclusive line of menswear.