Russian Criminal Tattoo T-Shirt. Russian criminal tattoos are a unique form of body art with deep and complex symbolism within the criminal subculture of Russia and the former Soviet Union. Each tattoo carries specific meanings and serves as a visual language that communicates a person's criminal status, history, and affiliations. Here's the meaning behind the tattoos you mentioned:

  1. Christ on Crucifix: The tattoo of Christ on a crucifix is commonly known as "The Redeemer" or "The Thief's Cross." In Russian criminal culture, this tattoo symbolizes a high-ranking criminal status and a declaration of authority. It indicates that the bearer has achieved a certain level of respect and influence within the criminal world. It can also represent a sign of protection, implying that the wearer is under the watchful eye of a higher-ranking criminal figure.

  2. Russian 8 Point Star: The Russian eight-point star is another significant tattoo in the criminal underworld. It is often placed on the shoulders and represents the wearer's rank within the criminal hierarchy. Each point of the star is believed to symbolize a specific criminal virtue or trait, such as loyalty, authority, and the willingness to confront and resist authorities.

  3. Skull: The skull is a widespread symbol in various tattoo cultures, including Russian criminal tattoos. In this context, a skull tattoo usually signifies a willingness to confront death and a disregard for authority or the law. It can also indicate that the bearer has committed acts of violence or has been involved in deadly encounters.

It's important to emphasize that these tattoos are associated with criminal activities and are illegal in many countries. In Russia, they are particularly prevalent within the criminal subculture of the prison system. These tattoos serve as a means of identification and communication among criminals and are intended to instill fear and respect within the criminal community.

Due to the criminal connotations of these tattoos, it's crucial to understand that they carry serious implications and are part of a world steeped in violence and organized crime. While they may be intriguing from an anthropological perspective, it's essential to remember that criminal activities and associations are harmful and illegal, and individuals should refrain from glorifying or romanticizing criminal behavior.

Russian mafia sayings, also known as "vory v zakone" (thieves in law) jargon, are a part of the criminal subculture in Russia and former Soviet countries. These sayings often carry hidden meanings and serve to communicate messages among members of the criminal fraternity. Here are some examples:

  1. "Только один раз" (Tol'ko odin raz) - "Only once" Meaning: This saying implies that one should be extremely cautious and thoughtful when making decisions or taking actions, as there might not be a second chance.

  2. "Слово мужчины" (Slovo muzhchiny) - "A man's word" Meaning: In the criminal world, keeping one's word and promises is of utmost importance. This saying emphasizes the significance of a person's integrity and trustworthiness.

  3. "Голова даётся не только для прически" (Golova dayotsya ne tol'ko dlya pricheski) - "The head is not only for a haircut" Meaning: This saying suggests that one's brain should be used for more than just vanity or appearance. It reminds individuals to think strategically and make intelligent decisions.

  4. "Семь раз отмерь, один раз отрежь" (Sem' raz otmer', odin raz otrezh') - "Measure seven times, cut once" Meaning: This saying advocates careful planning and consideration before taking any action. It advises against impulsive decisions that could lead to negative consequences.

  5. "За дело не берусь - денег не беру" (Za delo ne berus' - deneg ne beru) - "I don't take money if I don't take the job" Meaning: A Thief in Law should not accept payment for a task that they have not completed or taken responsibility for. This saying reinforces the importance of accountability.

  6. "Вор должен сидеть в тюрьме, как рыба - в воде" (Vor dolzhen sidet' v tyur'me, kak ryba - v vode) - "A thief should be in prison, like a fish in water" Meaning: This saying implies that a true criminal should be accustomed to life in prison, as it is their natural environment.

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Criminal Tattoo Christ on Cross

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