Shaolin Vs Lama Martial Arts T-Shirt: Embrace the Legendary Showdown "Allow me to demonstrate the skill of Shaolin, the special technique" is indeed from the 1983 martial arts film "Shaolin vs Lama." In the movie, this line is spoken during a fight scene as a martial artist showcases his Shaolin kung fu abilities. It's a classic quote that exemplifies the prowess and confidence of Shaolin practitioners in the film.


Celebrate the epic battle of "Shaolin Vs Lama" with the Martial Arts T-Shirt, paying homage to this classic kung fu movie. Embark on a captivating journey as we explore the main characters, famous quotes, gripping plot, where to watch it, the kung fu style showcased, and the reasons behind the movie's enduring popularity.

Main Characters

"Shaolin Vs Lama" features an array of iconic characters. The protagonist is a young Shaolin disciple seeking vengeance, while Lama Mantis is a fearsome martial artist with his own agenda. Other key figures include Shaolin masters, monks, and the Lama Mantis' disciples.

Famous Quotes

The film delivers memorable lines that resonate with fans. One famous quote is, "In martial arts, the way to revenge is not hatred but the improvement of oneself." This sentiment embodies the underlying theme of discipline and self-improvement in martial arts.

Another notable quote comes from the Shaolin disciple, vowing, "I will seek revenge for my brothers' deaths." This declaration sets the stage for the epic showdown between Shaolin and Lama Mantis.

The Plot

"Shaolin Vs Lama" centers on a tale of revenge and honor. When Lama Mantis wreaks havoc on the Shaolin Temple, the young disciple embarks on a quest for justice, determined to avenge his fallen comrades. The film takes audiences through a journey of action, intrigue, and martial arts mastery.

Where to Watch

For those eager to experience the legendary showdown, "Shaolin Vs Lama" is available for streaming on various platforms. Popular options include Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and Google Play Movies & TV, providing access to the enthralling martial arts spectacle.

Kung Fu Style

The movie showcases a blend of various kung fu styles, including Shaolin kung fu and Lama Mantis' unique martial arts technique. Audiences witness thrilling and innovative fight choreography, highlighting the distinct styles of the protagonists.


"Shaolin Vs Lama" remains popular due to its captivating storyline, intense martial arts sequences, and memorable characters. The movie's masterful execution of action and drama has cemented its status as a kung fu classic, continuing to mesmerize audiences across generations.


The Shaolin Vs Lama Martial Arts T-Shirt celebrates the brilliance of this epic martial arts showdown. Embrace the legacy of "Shaolin Vs Lama" with this dynamic tribute, and let it be a powerful expression of your admiration for the captivating world of kung fu cinema. Whether you're a devoted martial artist or a cinema enthusiast seeking exhilarating action, "Shaolin Vs Lama" offers an unforgettable journey into the realm of martial arts excellence.

Explore the captivating world of "Shaolin vs Lama" with an array of options to indulge in. Own the movie in all its glory with the DVD/Blu-ray, or immerse yourself in the action through streaming. Enjoy the full movie experience online or download it for convenient viewing. Adorn your walls with the striking "Shaolin vs Lama" movie poster and elevate your collection with exclusive merchandise. Delve into insightful reviews and appreciate the exceptional cast. Plus, for those seeking ease, watch "Shaolin vs Lama" for free, relishing the thrilling martial arts showdown at your leisure.
Shaolin vs Lama Kung Fu Masters Vintage Martial Arts Movie T-Shirt. Digitally Printed on soft 100% ring-spun cotton premium Soft Style quality Tee. Size XXL is Heavy Cotton. The movie tells the story about a master fighter Sung Li Ting quest to improve his fighting skills by finding somone who can beat him in battle and improve his fighting techniques. He attempt to enter the Shaoilin Monastery as a student but must wait for the return of the the secret scrolls that was stolen by a Lama Monk Shaolin monk 12 years earlier.

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